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Andre (Resident Psychologist):

“This sport is so much fun, open to all ages and abilities, and I have met so many wonderful people while playing!  Audio darts rocks!”

George (Club Instructor):

“It's great! To be able to setup the board and stand right out of the box and begin throwing. Everyone is on the same playing field, sighted or not, because we all wear blindfolds. I love the competition!””

Robert (Philosopher / Dart Theorist)
“I cannot express how much I love the audio darts game! It really brings home the feeling of being under pressure and the great thing about it is that as you play you learn the board and try to pinpoint shots as you improve. It is a great competitive game and I strongly urge all to give it a try!”

Greg (Mr. Zero Out)

"I have been involved with competitive sports all my life. This is the first competitive sport that I have not had to spend many hours lifting weights, stretching, running throwing. Darts can be played by any one and you can practice alone with the audio dart board. You don't need any one to practice with. You just need the will to get better.”

Stewart (Our Veteran's Connection):

“I have found Audio Darts not only a source of recreation and competition but a place where a lot of good natured ribbing and socializing takes place. New friendships are developed and valuable networking also takes place.”


Sarita (Form Coach/Dart Retriever):

“Wow! This is the first competitive sport I’ve enjoyed since I loss vision 32 years ago!”


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