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History of Darts

The popular belief is that darts were created during medieval times as a result of boredom. Warriors during downtime between battles would challenge each other to games of throwing short spears at thin pieces of wood, cut from a fallen tree. The age rings in the wood and the cracks that developed from drying created a simple likeness of a modern dart board. This comprised of multiple lines and many different scoring areas. The game became quite popular in the Middle Ages as it was used to keep warriors throwing arms in practice. In 1988 the Braille Sports Foundation (BSF), whose mission is to increase accessibility for individuals with Visual Impairment (VI), was looking for a way in which individuals with VI could participate in the game of darts. After approximately one year of research and development, an Audio English Mark Dart machine was created. This machine enabled individuals with Vision loss to effectively compete in the game of darts against sighted and unsighted opponents. The inspiration for starting a Dart Group in the Philadelphia area began in 2011 by Arnold Williams. At the Associated Services for the Blind (ASB) one Friday morning in the 10th floor Conference Room; He obtained the blessings of the ASB officials to start a Dart Group for some of his competitive friends. Arnold gained his early passion for the sport of Darts as he traveled to local Seniors Centers in the Philadelphia area that showcased inaccessible dart boards. It wasn’t long before Arnold learned about Audio Dart Tournaments in other cities. This led to his first experience with an accessible dart board. Soon thereafter, Arnold introduced the Sport of Audio Darts to his friends. Then they pooled their funds together to purchase an Audio Dart Master (ADM) Dart Board, which was designed by Sam Jasmin, of Access Education. The ADM is the first fully Accessible Dart Board which provides independent access through audio cues for full play on an electronic Dart Board! Hence, the Audio Dart Club of Delaware Valley (ADCDV) was founded by a core group of Audio Dart enthusiast such as; Arnold Williams, George Holliday, Sarita Holliday, Greg Gontaryk, Andre Watson, Agnes Dutill, and Robert McClain.


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